How To Cut A Pomegranate
Transform Your Experience Of This Fruit

Learning how to cut a pomegranate easily and properly could transform your experience with this fruit from difficult, to one of the most delicious fruits out there. 

Pomegranates.Pomegranates are a super healthy fruit!

Pomegranates (Punica granatum) have been rated as a top delicious and healthy fruit with huge medicinal properties. 

Originating from the Middle East, this fruit is now grown in many places around the globe - from tropical Africa, India, California and beyond. It is more available in the Northern Hemisphere from September to February and in the Southern Hemisphere from March to May. 

Pomegranate is rich in polyphenols. Their powerful antioxidant properties make this fruit one to be included in any healthy meal plan.

There is abundant of medical evidence that shows that pomegranate has:

  • Anti-cancer properties. It can help in prevention of cancer and also in the treatment of certain types of cancers. A study published in 2019 in the medical journal, Plant Foods for Human Nutrition, shows that pomegranate has anticancer effects against cancer of the prostate
  • Antihypertensive properties. It has been shown to help in unclogging our blood vessels and reduce both heart attacks and stroke. A study from the United States recently showed that for those who eat pomegranates once daily, after a few years, they were able to cut down on their risk of a plaque that causes heart attack in the blood vessels. They were able to cut their risk by 25%.
  • Antidiabetic properties. Several studies shows the beneficial effects of pomegranate in reversing insulin resistance and helping in type 2 diabetes as well as in blood pressure reduction. 
  • Anti-inflammatory effects. Pomegranates help with reducing inflammation inside us and promote healing. Pomegranates also helps with mitochondria healing. if you suffer with conditions like Ehlers Danlos syndrome and looking for a mitochondrial cocktail, include pomegranate as part of your diet.  

We can almost go on an on on the benefits of pomegranates here. But many people are put off of eating this both delicious and healthy fruit because they do know how to cut a pomegranate in an easy to handle and eat manner without spilling the juice everywhere. Here is how to cut a pomegranate easily.

Best Way To Cut A Pomegranate 

How to cut a pomegranate.Learn how to cut a pomegranate easily to improve your enjoyment of this delicious fruit.

Of course there are many ways of cutting a pomegranate. The best way to cut a pomegranate is one that will preserve seeds with minimal damage to the seeds and make them easily extractable. 

Here are the steps to cut a pomegranate easily. See the video attached below to make better sense of this description:

  • I always wash the fruit first by scrubbing it under a running tap water as well as make sure my hands and my knife are washed clean too with soap and water 
  • Place the pomegranate on a flat clean surface or plate
  • The bottom of the pomegranate seats nicely on the plate and on the top of the fruit is the cone-shape part. 
  • Holding your knife in a convenient angle, use the sharp end of the knife to make a gentle circular around the cone top of the pomegranate, digging into it just enough to avoid cutting into the seeds. 
  • Flip the fruit upside down now and slice of the skin from the flat bottom superficially. 
  • Now to the bottom and top of the fruit has been prepared, 
  • You would have noticed that the fruit has vertical ridges around it, spaced almost evenly around the body. This is where you will make vertical cuts just a few millimeter deep to avoid cutting into the seeds. 
  • Cut into each ridge one at a time all around the pomegranate.
  • At this point, you will have a pomegranate ready to be split open with the fingers and the fruits exposed as shown in the picture above. 

Video On How To Cut A Pomegranate