Fairstone Canada Personal Loans

Fairstone, previously known as CitiFinancial Canada Personal Loans is Canada's leading alternative lender of personal loans.

You would be able to find branches across the whole of Canada. Yes. With more than 200 branches coast to coast and a track record in lending since 1923, you would be dealing with a consumer lender with deep experience and passion to help you get out of debt.

If you are looking to consolidate your debt by taking out a single loan to pay off all your outstanding credit card debt, personal loans, store card balance and having just one monthly repayment to make, could be a great choice for you.

Fairstone Canada Personal Loans Canada branches are staffed by friendly, courteous, yet professional and knowledgeable people who live and work right in your neighborhood. They are well trained and will always endeavor to understand your needs and be available to meet with you directly in a branch near you or over the phone to discuss your loan options.

Fairstone Canada offers a wide range of loan types, including personal loans up to $ 20,000 for uses including debt consolidation, home improvements, unexpected expenses, life events or many other reasons, to Canadian residents from any province.

How to Qualify for a Debt Consolidation Loan from Fairstone Canada Loans

To qualify for a loan from Fairstone Canada Personal Loans, you must be:

  • Resident in Canada, but not residing in Nunavut
  • Reached the age of majority in the province where you reside
  • Don't be bankrupt for the last 7 years
  • Able to demonstrate that you can pay back your loan by means of regular monthly repayments
  • Show that you need the loan for personal, family or household purposes.

Because Fairstone Canada Loans aims to make lending easy and affordable, they promise a competitive rate of interest. You would have a personalized interest rate on your loan based on your credit score, current income and repayment history.

How to Apply for A Fairstone Canada Personal Loans

The Fairstone loan application process has been made as simple and transparent as possible.

First, you would need the following information to fill out your application form online:

  • Personal Information
  • Employment
  • Financial Information
  • Loan Information - how much you want to borrow and for what.

You can apply for a debt consolidation loan or indeed any other type of Fairstone personal loan now by going to the application portal here at  https://www.fairstone.ca/personalloans

Once there, fill in the required information and submit.

You would then be called once your loan is approved and have a one to one discussion about the loan and have an opportunity to meet with a Fairstone specialist.

Once all the necessary verification has been done, you could have your money in your account the same day or next.

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